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Cover Reveal: Unfinished Business by Tim Susman

Private Investigator Jae Kim doesn’t have a werewolf problem—at least not as long as he can keep clear of his ex-boyfriend Czoltan.

But when a suspicious police report hits the streets of Wolftown, Jae suddenly finds himself hunted on the streets he used to freely roam.

Dodging bullets from Wolftown vigilantes, he’s stuck hiding out with Czoltan while he and his were-bear ghost Sergei search out whoever set him up—and his life isn’t the only one at stake.

ISBN 978-1-61450-559-4
Publication Date: July 5, 2022
MSRP $17.95 US
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About the Author
Tim Susman started a novel in college and didn’t finish one until almost twenty years later. In that time, he earned a degree in Zoology, worked with Jane Goodall, co-founded Sofawolf Press, and moved to California. He has attended Clarion in 2011 (arooo to my Narwolves!) and published short stories in Apex, Lightspeed, and ROAR, among others. Under the name Kyell Gold, he has published multiple novels and won several awards for his furry fiction. You can find out more about his stories at and and follow him on Twitter at @WriterFox.